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Online Books

This page lists online copies/editions, mostly of: (1) Rosicrucian books; and (2) titles recommended in early magazines or other publications of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC as good reading matter.
The online books linked are all hosted on other sites, and may be of editions different from those used by the original recommenders. The concepts or ideas contained in these books are not necessarily in agreement with the teachings of the Rosicrucian Order.


A     Rosicrucian Books / Magazine

  1. Andrea, Raymund - The Mystic Way [1938]
  2. Dean, Charles Dana - Liber 777: The Cathedral of the Soul: 10th ed, 1937 [1.1 MB PDF]; 18th ed, 1950 [1.4 MB PDF]
  3. Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer, aus dem 16ten und 17ten Jahrhundert (Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th Centuries) [In German.]
  4. Lewis, H Spencer - Mansions of the Soul: The Cosmic Conception
  5. Lewis, H Spencer - Rosicrucian Manual, 5th ed, 1932
  6. Lewis, H Spencer - Rosicrucian Principles for the Home and Business
  7. Lewis, H Spencer - Rosicrucian Questions and Answers, With Complete History of the Rosicrucian Order: 2nd ed, 1932, 4th ed, 1947, and 6th ed, 1959
  8. Lewis, H Spencer - A Thousand Years of Yesterdays
  9. Rosicrucian Digest, March 1950 [36.4 MB PDF]
  10. Weed, Joseph J - A Rosicrucian Speaks
For a list of printed Rosicrucian books, click here.

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B     Books recommended in the American Rosae Crucis 1916-7

    a    Books recommended by Imperator H Spencer Lewis

  1. Bass, John - The Light of Men: An Interpretation [Highly recommended.]
  2. Bucke, Richard Maurice - Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind [Highly recommended.]
  3. Lytton, Edward Bulwer Lytton, Baron - Zanoni [For an audio version, click here.]

    b    Other books recommended

  1. Besly, Kathleen M H - The Divine Art of Living [See review.]
  2. Bowers, Edwin F - Side-Stepping Ill Health [See review.]
  3. Brady, Genevieve - The Human Form Divine: or, The Highest Physical Expression by the Use of Spiritual and Mental Forces
  4. Comings, S H - Industrial and Vocational Education, Universal and Self Sustaining [See review.]
  5. Coryn, Sidney G P - The Faith of Ancient Egypt
  6. Crowell, Frank - Man--God's Masterpiece [See review.]
  7. Dearborn, George Van Ness - The Influence of Joy [See review.]
  8. Deming, Adèle Chester - Lyrics of Life
  9. Garver, Will - Brother of the Third Degree [See review.]
  10. Jordan, David Starr - Ways to Lasting Peace [See review.]
  11. King, Henry Churchill - Fundamental Questions [See review.]
  12. Larson, Christian D - Steps in Human Progress [See review.]
  13. Lytton, Edward Bulwer Lytton, Baron - A Strange Story
  14. Militz, Annie Rix - The Protecting Presence [US access only.  See review.]
  15. Paget, Fannie Ruthven - How I Know that the Dead Are Alive [See review.]
  16. Simmonite, William Joseph - Horary Astrology: The Key to Scientific Prediction, Being the Prognostic Astronomer [US access only.]
  17. Steiner, Rudolf - Christianity as Mystical Fact; and the Mysteries of Antiquity [Recommended by "I D L"--see review.]
  18. Steiner, Rudolf - The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria: Their History and Civilization; Being Chapters From the Akashic Records [Recommended by "I D L"--see review.]
  19. Sterns, Justin - Osru, A Tale of Many Incarnations: The History of a Soul
  20. Turnbull, Coulson - The Life and Teachings of Giordano Bruno, Poet, Philosopher, Martyr (1548-1600) [See review.]
  21. Vescelius-Sheldon, Louise - The Soul of an Organ [See review.]
  22. Yost, Casper S - Patience Worth: A Psychic Mystery [See review.]
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C     Books recommended in the Mystic Triangle 1925-9

    a    Books recommended by Imperator H Spencer Lewis

  1. AE (George William Russell) - The Candle of Vision
  2. Alington, Cyril - Elementary Christianity
  3. Barker, A T (ed) - The Letters of H P Blavatsky to A P Sinnett
  4. Cobb, Stanwood - The Essential Mysticism
  5. Fillmore, Charles - Christian Healing
  6. French, William Leslie - The Psychology of Handwriting [US access only.]
  7. Hone, William (ed) - The Apocryphal Books of the New Testament
  8. Horne, Charles F (ed) - The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East
  9. Jascalevich, Alejandro A - Three Conceptions of Mind: Their Bearing on the Denaturalization of the Mind in History
  10. Joad, C E M - Introduction to Modern Philosophy
  11. Klein, Sydney T - From the Watch Tower; or Spiritual Discernment
  12. Larkin, Edgar L - The Matchless Altar of the Soul
  13. Levi - The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
  14. Lyon, William H - A Study of the Sects
  15. Myerson, Abraham - The Foundations of Personality
  16. Norton, Thomas James - The Constitution of the United States: Its Sources and Its Application [The recommendation was of the 1922 edition. The book was subsequently revised in 1940. The Internet Archive has both editions.]
  17. Ouspensky, P D - Tertium Organum, The Third Canon of Thought: A Key to the Enigmas of the World
  18. Payot, Jules - The Education of the Will: The Theory and Practise of Self-Culture
  19. Payot, Jules - Will-Power and Work
  20. Phillimore, Cecily Spencer-Smith - By an Unknown Disciple
  21. Prince, Morton - The Unconscious: The Fundamentals of Human Personality, Normal and Abnormal
  22. Straiton, E Valencia - The Celestial Ship of the North, Volume I [581 KB PDF] [See review.]
  23. Tapper, Thomas - Efficiency: Its Spiritual Source
  24. Trine, Ralph Waldo - This Mystical Life of Ours
  25. Van der Naillen, Albert - On the Heights of Himalay
  26. Van der Naillen, Albert - In the Sanctuary: Sequel to On the Heights of Himalay
  27. Varendonck, J - The Evolution of the Conscious Faculties
  28. Woodbridge, Frederick J E - The Realm of Mind: An Essay in Metaphysics
For comments on a number of the above books, see "A Talk About Books" [Oct 1928].

    b    Books recommended by Grand Master Raymund Andrea

  1. Cooper-Oakley, Isabel - The Comte de St Germain [See article.]
  2. Hearn, Lafcadio - Karma [In particular, the title story.]
  3. Juste, Michael - The White Brother: An Occult Autobiography [See article.]
  4. Kawaguchi, Ekai - Three Years in Tibet [See article.]
  5. Villars, Abbé N de Montfaucon de - Comte de Gabalis [See article.]

    c    Also recommended

  1. Hartmann, Franz - In the Pronaos of the Temple of Wisdom [See article.]
 * * *

D     Books recommended in the Rosicrucian Digest

  1. Corelli, Marie - The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance [Also online here. See article.]
  2. Jefferson, Thomas - The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth (the Jefferson Bible) [Recommended by H Spencer Lewis--see article.]
  3. Rilke, Rainer Maria - Auguste Rodin [Recommended by Raymund Andrea--see article.]
  4. Ward, Charles A - Oracles of Nostradamus
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E     Books edited and presented in the "Rare and Esoteric Discourses" series

The "Rare and Esoteric Discourses" series were supplementary studies offered by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, both to members and non-members. Their object was to broaden the mind of the student by presenting him/her with the diverse opinions of prominent writers, thinkers, and teachers.
  1. Dresser, Horatio W - The Philosophy of the Spirit [Part of this book was edited and presented in the series "Universal Spirit"; in particular, Chapters II-IV and pages 102-110 of Chapter V were used.]
  2. Eckartshausen, Karl von - The Cloud upon the Sanctuary [Also online here. A new translation was presented in the series "Cloud over the Sanctuary".]
  3. Fiske, John - Life Everlasting
  4. Mead, G R S - Some Mystical Adventures [Archive copy at]
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F     Other Books of Interest

    a    Baconian Studies

  1. Pott, Mrs Henry - Francis Bacon and His Secret Society
  2. Spedding, James, Robert Leslie Ellis, and Douglas Denon Heath (ed) - The Works of Francis Bacon
  3. Wigston, William Francis C - Bacon, Shakespeare and the Rosicrucians

    b    Biographies

  1. Harry, Gérard - Man's Miracle: The Story of Helen Keller and her European Sisters
  2. Merejkowski, Dmitri - The Romance of Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Wilcox, Ella Wheeler - The Worlds and I

    c    Buddhism

  1. Carus, Paul - The Dharma, or The Religion of Enlightenment: an Exposition of Buddhism
  2. Carus, Paul (ed) - The Gospel of Buddha

    d    Fiction

  1. Bellamy, Edward - Looking Backward: 2000-1887
  2. Butler, Samuel - The Way of All Flesh
  3. Corelli, Marie - A Romance of Two Worlds
  4. Corelli, Marie - Ardath: The Story of a Dead Self
  5. Ebers, Georg - Uarda: A Romance of Ancient Egypt
  6. Haggard, H Rider - Wisdom's Daughter
  7. Mundy, Talbot - Om: The Secret of Ahbor Valley
  8. Munthe, Axel - The Story of San Michele

    e    Hermeticism

  1. Maier, Michael - Atalanta Fugiens [Also online is a translation of Maier's epigrams by H M E de Jong (1.4 MB PDF).]

    f     History

  1. Breasted, James Henry - A History of Egypt, from the Earliest Times to the Persian Conquest
  2. Wells, H G - The Outline of History, Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind

    g    Martinism

  1. Online Books by Louis Claude de Saint-Martin
  2. Waite, Arthur Edward - The Life of Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, the Unknown Philosopher, and the Substance of his Transcendental Doctrine

    h    Philosophy

  1. Cushman, Herbert Ernest - A Beginner's History of Philosophy
  2. Mayor, Joseph B - A Sketch of Ancient Philosophy from Thales to Cicero
  3. Rogers, Arthur Kenyon - A Student's History of Philosophy
  4. Russell, Bertrand - History of Western Philosophy

    i     Poetry

  1. Gibran, Kahlil - The Prophet [For an audio version, click here.]
  2. Nicholson, D H S and A H E Lee (ed) - The Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse
  3. Whitman, Walt - Leaves of Grass
  4. Wilcox, Ella Wheeler - Poems of Power
  5. Wilcox, Ella Wheeler - Poetical Works of Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    j     Various

  1. à Kempis, Thomas - The Imitation of Christ
  2. Agni Yoga books
  3. Bibb, Benjamin O and Joseph J Weed - Amazing Secrets of Psychic Healing
  4. Bragdon, Claude - A Primer of Higher Space (The Fourth Dimension)
  5. Budge, E A Wallis (transl) - The Egyptian Book of the Dead
  6. Flammarion, Camille - The Unknown
  7. Hartmann, Franz - With the Adepts: An Adventure Among the Rosicrucians
  8. Hubbard, Elbert - Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great
  9. Hubbard, Elbert - A Message to Garcia
  10. Hubbard, Elbert - Scrap Book
  11. James, William - The Principles of Psychology
  12. Jayne, Walter Addison - The Healing Gods of Ancient Civilizations
  13. Johnson, Samuel - Oriental Religions and their Relation to Universal Religion
  14. Kalisch, Isidor (transl) - Sepher Yezirah [1877]
  15. Phylos the Thibetan (Frederick S Oliver) - A Dweller on Two Planets: or, The Dividing of the Way
  16. Ramacharaka, Yogi - The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath [Also online here.]
  17. Reynolds, Joseph William - The Mystery of Miracles: A Scientific and Philosophical Investigation
  18. Roerich, Nicholas - Altai-Himalaya; Flame in Chalice; Heart of Asia; Realm of Light; Shambhala; and other books
  19. Three Initiates - The Kybalion
  20. Unto Thee I Grant the Economy of Life [Some editions of this book were published under the title, The Economy of Human Life.]
"Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested; that is, some books are to be read only in parts; others to be read, but not curiously; and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention."
~ Francis Bacon
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