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Printed Books

This page sets out a non-exhaustive list of printed Rosicrucian books recommended for reading. Most (not all) are AMORC publications. Some are now out-of-print. Except for a few rare titles, new or used copies of these books can usually be purchased from or through amazon [dot] com, amazon [dot], barnesandnoble [dot] com, or other booksellers. This list does not include Rosicrucian titles mentioned in the Online Books section.
  1. Albersheim, Walter J - The Conscience of Science and Other Essays
  2. Andrea, Raymund - The Disciple and Shamballa
  3. Andrea, Raymund - Discipleship on Trial
  4. Andrea, Raymund - Flower of the Soul
  5. Andrea, Raymund - The Technique of the Disciple
  6. Andrea, Raymund - The Technique of the Master, or, The Way of Cosmic Preparation [AMORC book, 174/192 pages. Not to be confused with the publication of the same title from Kessinger Publishing.]
  7. Andrea, Raymund - The Way of the Heart
  8. Bernard, Hélène - Great Women Initiates
  9. Cervé, Wishar S - Lemuria--The Lost Continent of the Pacific
  10. Cihlar, Many (ed) - Mystics at Prayer
  11. Clayson, Rodman R - Egypt's Ancient Heritage
  12. Kapp, M W - Glands--Our Invisible Guardians
  13. Kerr, Ralph Whiteside - Herbalism Through the Ages
  14. Lewis, H Spencer - Essays of A Modern Mystic
  15. Lewis, H Spencer - Master of the Rose Cross: A Collection of Essays By and About Harvey Spencer Lewis
  16. Lewis, H Spencer - Mental Poisoning
  17. Lewis, H Spencer - The Mystical Life of Jesus
  18. Lewis, H Spencer - The Secret Doctrines of Jesus
  19. Lewis, H Spencer - Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life
  20. Lewis, H Spencer - The Spiritual Property of Food
  21. Lewis, H Spencer - The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid
  22. Lewis, Ralph M - Behold The Sign
  23. Lewis, Ralph M - The Conscious Interlude
  24. Lewis, Ralph M - Cosmic Mission Fulfilled
  25. Lewis, Ralph M - The Immortalized Words of the Past
  26. Lewis, Ralph M - Mental Alchemy
  27. Lewis, Ralph M - The Sanctuary of Self [Highly recommended.]
  28. Lewis, Ralph M - Through the Mind's Eye
  29. Lewis, Ralph M - Yesterday Has Much to Tell [Formerly published as "Along Civilization's Trail".]
  30. Lubicz, Isha Schwaller de - Her-Bak: The Living Face of Ancient Egypt
  31. Lubicz, Isha Schwaller de - Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate
  32. Pipitone, Phyllis L - The Inner World of Dreams
  33. Poole, Cecil A - Cares That Infest
  34. Poole, Cecil A - The Eternal Fruits of Knowledge
  35. Poole, Cecil A - In Search of Reality
  36. Poole, Cecil A - Mysticism--The Ultimate Experience
  37. The Universe of Numbers [Formerly published as "Number Systems and Correspondences".]
  38. Validivar - Whisperings of Self
  39. Weed, Joseph J - Wisdom of the Mystic Masters [Not AMORC publication, but highly recommended.]
  40. Wilson, Onslow H - Glands--The Mirror of Self


The American Rosae Crucis (1916-7; 1920), Mystic Triangle (1925-9), and Rosicrucian Digest 1930-62 include many excellent articles. Reprints of these early magazines have been made available by Kessinger Publishing and may be purchased from amazon [dot] com or barnesandnoble [dot] com.
For contents lists of the American Rosae Crucis, Mystic Triangle, and Rosicrucian Digest 1930-49, click here.
For selected articles from the magazines, visit Rosicrucian Writings Online, a sister site to this one.
"All study reveals a personal vacuum, which knowledge alone can fill."
~ Validivar
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